The Spotted Dog
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Canine nail maintenance:

An extremely useful course designed to help people with maintaining their dog's nails at home.

Facebook group that discusses nail maintenance for dogs. Files include dremel reviews, video tutorials on how to trim properly, CC/DS protocol information, self trimming resources, and various techniques on handling the reluctant/fearful dog.


Housetraining webinar that teaches the steps that pro dog trainers use to housetrain dog after dog.

General canine husbandry:

Facebook group that aims to educate owners on positive handling techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety in our dogs.

Canine enrichment:

Facebook group that focuses on sharing canine enrichment activities in an effort to meet the needs of our dogs.

Help for reactive dogs:

Videos, tips, and advice for helping reactive dogs using counterconditioning, desensitization, and positive reinforcement.