The Spotted Dog
Where your pets are part of our family

• Dog Walking

On group walks, dogs receive an hour of exercise and 
socialization with canine companions. 

For dogs that prefer one-on-one attention, private walks
are 30 minutes or 1 hour based on your pet’s 
individual needs. 

Daily reports keep you up to date with your dog’s 
activities and interactions. 

Dogs are walked rain or shine.

• Boarding

Your pets are treated like part of the family and receive tons 
of love and care in Sue’s home. They will be kept healthy 
and happy with abundant exercise, attention, and 
companionship. Moreover, your pet’s normal routine
will be adhered to as much as possible. 

Pick-ups and drop-offs within the service area are included.

 Cat Visits

Cat visits are in-home care for your cats while you are away. 
During an initial consultation, we can personalize our visits to
ensure that your cat’s routine is maintained while they remain
in the comfort and safety of their own home. 

Each 30-minute visit includes feeding, refreshing water,
cleaning litter, administering medicine, playing, grooming,
and giving lots of affection. Additional services available
include mail pickup, plant watering, and home security

*Visits are also offered for other pets, such as rabbits,
hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, and birds.

 Puppy Visits 

Puppy visits are available for those pet parents who have to 
leave their new puppy (under 5 months) home alone during the day. 

During visits, your puppy will receive fresh water and food, 
exercise, potty breaks, and socialization. 

Additionally, we will work on puppy manners and basic 
commands through positive reinforcement. Daily reports let
you know how your puppy is progressing with his/her visits.


Private training is available for both puppies and adult dogs. 

Puppy training focuses on socialization, biting, house 
training, crate training, polite walking, alone training, and
prepping the house for puppy's arrival. 

Adult training involves developing and proofing skills, and
addressing challenges such as resource guarding, fear and
anxiety, body handling issues, loose-leash walking, jumping up,
recall, dog park skills, and more.